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  • Name:Fábio G. Franco
  • Title:Director
  • Representing:Commercial Office of Brazil to Taipei 巴西商務辦事處
  • Name:Shirley C. Franco
  • Title:Professor (處長夫人)
  • Representing:University of Brasília
  • Name:Tami Yang 楊悅君
  • Title:Trade and Investment Promotion Officer 商務專員
  • Representing:Commercial Office of Brazil 巴西商務辦事處
  • Name:Dawisson B. Lopes
  • Title:Deputy Head
  • Representing:UFMG’s Political Science Graduate Program
  • Name:Seung Hwa Lee
  • Title:Head
  • Representing:Confucius Institute, UFMG’s School of Letters

Visiting Agenda

  • Center for East Asia Democratic Studies

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