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2017 / 2018 2nd Semester
1000 College of Liberal Arts 7000 College of Management
2000 College of Science 8000 College of Public Health
3000 College of Social Sciences 9000 College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
4000 College of Medicine A000 College of Law
5000 College of Engineering B000 College of Life Science
6000 College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture Others

General, East Asian, Society and Culture courses conducted in English

2017 / 2018 2nd Semester

Serial Number

Curriculum Number

Course Title

Schedule/ Classroom



Exploring Taiwan: natural environment and resources (general course)

Wed 15:30-17:20, Freshman Classroom Bldg. 203



Exploring Taiwan: Film and Social Culture in Taiwan (general course)

Thu 15:30-17:20, Liberal Education Classroom Bldg. 301



The Organisms that Changed the History (II) (general course)  

Wed 10:20-12:10, Core Subjects Classroom Bldg. 304



Freshman Seminar

Mon 18:25-20:10, 女5舍C



Biology in the Movies

Wed 10:20-12:10, Core Subjects Classroom Bldg. 203



Introduction to Historical Fictions in Postwar Taiwan (general course)

Thu 13:20-15:10, Liberal Education Classroom Bldg. 205



Principle of Economics (with Recitation) (1) (general course)

Mon 12:20-13:10, Liberal Education Classroom Bldg. 101
Wed 12:20-13:10, Liberal Education Classroom Bldg. 101
Fri 10:20-13:10, Liberal Education Classroom Bldg. 101



Introduction to Field Geology (Ⅱ) 

Please click here.



Special Topics in China's Economic Development and Reform

Fri 13:20-15:10, Graduate Institute of National Development 302



Service Learning-International Companions for Learning 

Please click here.



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