Research Visiting Program


The Research Visiting Program is a non-degree program designed for students enrolled in overseas academic institutions who are interested in conducting a short-term research or internship with an NTU faculty member.

Research visiting students cannot enroll in courses.


Undergraduates: students enrolled in overseas academic institutions who are required to conduct a research or an internship in Taiwan in order to satisfy course or graduation requirements.

Graduates: students enrolled in overseas academic institutions.

Program Duration

The program duration is flexible, ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months (180 days). You can customize your program duration and choose a time of the year to start.

Due to Visa regulations the duration may not exceed 180 days. Should you need to stay longer than the maximum period permitted, you must exit Taiwan to acquire a new Visa, and then re-enter the country. An additional program fee will be applied for the additional duration.

Program Fee
Fee Less than 2 months 2 to 6 months
1st Payment (paid with application) TWD 9,000 TWD 9,000
2nd Payment (paid on registration day) TWD 6,000 TWD 21,000
Total TWD 15,000 TWD 30,000






The above fee does not include cost of living. Visit Accommodation for a list of on-campus housing rates.

The 1st payment of program fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment, serving as application fee. 

You can find your beneficiary's account details on the 'Payment' section of the Online Application System. Please note that each applicant is assigned a unique beneficiary's account, and that you must only wire your payment to your own designated account.

We accept wire transfer payments in foreign currencies equivalent or approximate to the amount of New Taiwan Dollar (TWD). Please consult your bank to determine the transfer amount as exchange rate may vary.

Waiver of Program Fee


The Research Visiting Program is a non-degree program, meaning no credit or degree will be awarded by NTU; however, you should consult with your supervisor about your roles and responsibilities.

Finding an NTU Host Professor

Before starting your application, you must acquire an NTU faculty member who is willing to act as your supervisor.

It is suggested that you first browse through the faculty list in the department or the graduate institute of your interest; and then check individual faculty websites to learn about their research interests and experiences; finally, contact a few potential supervisors directly to discuss your research interests. 

At present, the University consists of 11 colleges, 2 professional schools, 54 departments, and 111 graduate institutes. We invite you to explore what NTU can offer by visiting the individual college and school websites below:

College of Liberal Arts College of Science College of Social Sciences
College of Medicine College of Engineering College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture
College of Management College of Public Health College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
College of Law College of Life Science School of Veterinary Medicine
School of Dentistry  


How to Apply?

All applicatioins are done online. Upon finding your supervisor, please send an email to the manager of Research Visiting Program to obtain the link to online application.

Program manager: Ms. Flora Hsieh <>

When to Apply?

Online applications must be submitted 3 months prior to your intended start date.

Application Materials

All documents must be a clear color photocopy of original documents in either Chinese or English.

  1. ID Photo: A digital ID photo in compliance with government regulations (JPG format)
  2. Statement of Purpose: A statement with a maximum of 2 pages in length (PDF format)
  3. Academic Records (optional): A color photocopy of official transcripts that include all courses taken during your current degree level (PDF format)
  4. Passport/PRC ID Card: A color photocopy of the personal information page of your passport; mainland Chinese applicants shall submit a color photocopy of both front and back of your PRC identity card instead (PDF format)
  5. Letter of Consent from NTU Host Professor: A Letter of Consent from your NTU host professor, confirming that he/she has agreed to act as your supervisor during your visiting period (PDF format)
  6. Letter of Recommendation from Home Institution: A letter of recommendation from your home academic institution. Your recommender must be academically related to you, who can comment on your academic ability. Recommenders have the option to send the letter directly to the Visiting Student Program's manager, Ms. Ariel Chen, at <> (PDF format)
  7. Certificate of Enrollment: 
    1. For Mainland Chinese applicant, submit a color photocopy of certificate of enrollment specifically stating your expecting degree and start date of studies. The document shall be issued within 2 months prior to your designated program start date. 
    2. For undergraduate applicant of other nationalities, submit a certificate of enrollment issued by your home university specifically stating that you're requested to conduct a research or an internship in Taiwan. The statement must also contain your intended start and end dates. 
    3. For graduate applicant of other nationalities, submit a certificate of enrollment or a photocopy of your student ID (PDF format)
  8. Certificate of Remittance for Application Fee: For those applying to start their programs in or after June of 2016, a photocopy of the certificate of remittance for your application fee must be submitted before your application can be processed. Payment details can be downloaded from the Payment section of the online application system (PDF format)
  9. Proof of Medical and Accident Insurance: The coverage must meet a minimum of TWD 1,000,000 (about USD 33,500) and must cover your entire visiting period at NTU. The proof must be submitted in hard copy on registration day or via email prior to registration. (PDF format) 
  10. Additional documents are required for Mainland Chinese applicants holding a PRC passport. Please refer to
After You've Applied

After you have submitted your application form, you can log back in to the system with your email address and date of birth (yyyymmdd) to check your application status or to upload any remaining documents before your deadline.

Letter of Invitation

An offer of admission is generally granted upon obtaining the Letter of Consent from your NTU host professor. You should expect to receive your Letter of Invitation from OIA via email 1 month prior to your designated program start date.

You may need to apply for a Visitor Visa in your country of residence before entering Taiwan. Contact the Taiwan (R.O.C.) diplomatic mission in your country/region for the required documents, latest information and advisement. 

Applying for On-Campus Housing

Due to the limited number of dorms, on-campus housing is NOT guaranteed for research visiting students, but you are more than welcome to apply in your application. To apply, simply check "Yes" on the Online Application System in response to the question regarding accommodation and then select your room preferences. 

Please note that the university dorm can only accommodate you during the visiting period for which you applied in your application. If you plan to arrive early or leave late, you will be responsible for your own housing.

Visit the Accommodation section of our website for detailed information on the university dormitories.

We had in the past two years successfully accommodated all research visiting students. However, it is still possible that our dorm rooms become short of supply during high season (June through September). If we are unable to accommodate you, we encourage that you use the services provided by Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation, a major locator in Taipei, providing housing information and services to international students. Please note that the University cannot help students find off-campus housing. 

Bedding Rental Application Form

On-Campus Resources

During registration, you will receive a research visiting student ID card, a temporary card without an NTU student ID number, which gives you access to essential services on campus such as the library. Access to on-campus wireless will also be provided. If you would like a friendly NTU student volunteer to be assigned to you to help acquaint you with the University, you may request one on your application.

Waiver of Program Fee

The program fee is waived for students invited by or coming with an award offered by the following government ministries of the Republic of China (Taiwan):

  1. Ministry of Education (MoE)
  2. Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) 
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)

Invitees of the above may only submit the following application materials to the Online Application System:

  1. ID Photo: a digital ID photo in compliance with government regulations (JPG format)
  2. Passport: a color photocopy of the personal information page of your passport (PDF format)
  3. Letter of Invitation: a color photocopy of your Letter of Invitation from MoE, MoST, or MoFA (PDF format)

Please note that the issuance of documents for your Visa application is responsible by the government ministry from which your award/grant originates.

Visiting Student Guidebook

Wondering how you'll live and study? The Guidebook for Exchange/Visiting Students, essential handbook for all prospective and current visiting students, is likely to answer your questions! You are encouraged to refer to Chapter 2 and 5 for information on pre-arrival arrangements and campus life.

Information in Chapter 4 Academics does not apply to research visiting students for they are not eligible for course enrollment.

Program Contact

Ms. Flora Hsieh
Manager, International Students Division
Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University 
T: +886 (0)2 3366 2007 ext. 268
F: +886 (0)2 2362 0096

Update: 2018 / 11 / 14