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Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan

The Scholarships shown as below are only for the current international degree students who were applying for admission in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.

 College/Department Scholarship

Please refer to the Application Requirements and Admission Quotas for International Degree Students

 Financial Assistance Grant for International Students

Available Degree: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

Duration: 1 year

Coverage and Amount:  (1)Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 6,000/month  (2) Tuition waiver

Description: Starting from 2020/2021 Fall Semester, each college will decide the application quotas, application period, and application documents. For the application details for 2020/2021 Financial Assistance Grant, please consult your colleges.  

Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan PDF

Applicable Degree: Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Philippine, Indian or Malaysian students applying for ICT related master or PhD programs

Awarding Duration: Maximum 2 years for master students, and 4 years for Ph.D. students. 

Coverage and Amount: Tuition fee up to TWD80,000 per year, accommodations allowance TWD3,000/month

Application Deadline: Before April 1st, 2020. Please have the application form and the administrative contract (2 copies)signed and submit them to OIA, Room 418 to Ms. Vicky Lu. If you have any question, please email to

For the Recipient: OIA will contact the qualified admitted students automatically to ask about the willingness to apply for the scholarship. An application form should be signed by the applicant submit it along with the administrative contract

2019/2020 Taipei Tokai Rotary Club Scholarship PDF (to be updated)

Applicable Degree: Japanese degree students. bachelor students(2nd year or above),master and Ph.D students.  

Awarding Duration: 1 year

Coverage and Amount: Each recipient will receive NTD 60,000 in total, and the scholarship will be issued monthly(NTD 5,000). 

Application Deadline: Please fill in the application form and mail Taipei Tokai Rotary Club along with other documents needed before 2019, August 31st. 


2019/2020 Taipei Tienmou Rotary Club Scholarship PDF (to be updated)

Required Documents: Application form, autobiography, transcripts for the past two academic years (Freshmen don't have to submit transcripts) *Please type the documents needed instead of writing. 

Submission: Please mail the hard copies, instead of emailing, to Taipei Tienmou Rotary Club's office.Please prepare everything. There's no make-up submission.

Application Deadline: Please fill in the application form and mail Taipei Tienmou Rotary Club along with other documents needed before 2019,October 15th. Please do not staple your documents. You will be informed for further interview if you pass the first stage. There'll be no further notice for those who didn't pass the first stage.

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Update: 2020 / 05 / 04